Affordability Risk Index

The Affordability Risk Index is a tool intended to demonstrate the need to preserve affordability in areas that are becoming less affordable at a faster rate. Census tracts where affordability loss risk is greatest receive the highest scores in this index.

Affordable Rental Unit Survey (ARUS)

IHDA uses an Affordable Rental Unit Survey (ARUS) to examine the estimated number and percentage of units affordable (regardless of subsidy) to various income levels by Census Tract throughout Illinois. This helps to analyze market need as it allows IHDA to examine the “on-the-ground” affordability within individualized markets.

Revitalization Impact Areas (RIAs)

Revitalization Impact Areas (RIAs), as defined by IHDA, are targeted geographic areas that demonstrate the most salient market conditions suggesting that revitalization, or concerted community development planning, would be especially beneficial within these communities. RIAs identify census tracts demonstrating one or more of these market conditions, classifying them as either Moderate or High Revitalization Impact Areas.

Quality-of-Life Index

The Quality-of-Life Index (QOLI) is a statewide planning tool intended to determine areas of high livability within Illinois.  This census tract-based tool is carefully designed to bring awareness to the details that make communities strong and where communities can improve the quality of life for its residents