The Illinois Housing Blueprint is a forward-thinking and grassroots planning initiative that amplifies the voices and experiences of those living and working in communities throughout the state. The first edition of the Housing Blueprint provided a foundation for this-multi-year planning process, and the 2022 Housing Blueprint builds on that to provide a deeper analysis of the trends and priority areas that will guide future housing policy and investment in Illinois in the coming years.


Illinois Regional Profiles

In 2020, we learned that creating regions for Illinois was difficult and never completely explained the special attributes of Illinois’ communities. Yet, regions help show the demographic, employment, and housing trends across such a diverse, vast state. The regions in the 2021 Blueprint were created to provide an introductory understanding of Illinois’ many unique communities.

For the 2022 Update, IHDA worked to use demographic, housing, and employment data to group counties together by larger, regional trends. This provides another data-informed lens to understand Illinois and its housing needs. The “Regional Housing Markets in Illinois” section which provides an overview of the demographic and economic conditions of these 15 different regions across the state. In conjunction with this Blueprint update, detailed Regional Profiles have been developed to be used to inform IHDA technical assistance, market analysis, programmatic targeting, and legislative advocacy.

The 15 Regional Profiles are available on the Illinois Regional Profiles page.