2021-2022 Statewide Listening Tour Meetings

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Pregnant/postpartum people and families with young children with lived experiences of homelessness or housing insecurity

Abby Holicky,








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Community meetings provide the opportunity to build relationships, meet other Illinois residents, and learn about the needs and hopes for housing across the state.

The Listening Tour allows IHDA and its partners to meet residents across the state and learn about their vision for the future. The information and insights shared at these community meetings provide invaluable guidance to the Housing Blueprint’s planning process, and shape the goals that we pursue for our future housing.

In partnership with more than 10 community partners and cohosts, IHDA hosted 10 meetings from October 2021 through March 2022 to discuss and listen to residents’ experiences, needs, and hopes surrounding housing in their community. The Listening Tour meetings provided a platform on which residents could provide their voices and perspectives and allowed for engagement and relationship-building between IHDA, housing advocates and providers, and community residents across the  state. In total, 199 individuals participated in the 2021-22 Listening Tour and supplied valuable insights, stories, and issues regarding housing in their community.  These meetings, which are summarized on pages 107-112 of the 2022 Housing Blueprint, helped to shape the goals of the plan.

As we continue to build the Housing Blueprint over the coming years, the Listening Tour’s community meetings will continue to serve as one of the most critical elements in the planning process.  Listening Tours will resume at a later point in 2023 when the next Blueprint update is underway.