IHDA Homeownership Investments – 2020

IHDA administers a suite of programs that assist homeowners with acquiring, improving, or saving their homes. The interactive map to the left details the investments that IHDA has made to homeowners within its last fiscal year (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020), however also includes historical information about its homeownership investments since its fiscal year 2016. Homeownership loans that comprise the map’s figures include current downpayment assistance programs, downpayment assistance programs that are no longer active, and Hardest Hit Fund programs, such as i-Refi, which assisted homeowners struggling with an underwater mortgage. Explore the map to learn about the general characteristics of individuals assisted by IHDA’s programs throughout the state.

If you are a homeowner in need of assistance, please visit IHDAMortgage.org to learn more about the programs that IHDA can offer you.